Blood Cleanse and Detox: Advice & Tips

Advice on Doing the Blood Cleanse and Detox


  • Work with your doctor when the blood cleanse is used alongside chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

  • This is a very powerful formula that is strongly therapeutic in nature, which means that it should only be used for detoxing or on an as needed basis. One bottle every six months is adequate for detoxing and basic maintenance. Taking one or two bottles to clean out the blood when sick is also reasonable. And one bottle a week for up to three weeks is acceptable in special circumstances. Then take a couple of weeks off before repeating.

    However, this is not a nutritional support formula. You do not want to take this formula on a daily basis for weeks on end like a multivitamin. In this case, more is not necessarily better. Remember, some of these herbs are extremely potent and can actually break down red blood cells if used in excess. If overused, it could be counterproductive and could have a negative health impact. In other words, follow directions; don’t ad lib. When used properly, this is one of the most powerful formulas in the alternative health arsenal.


  • The blood cleanse combines nicely with the Liver Detox.

  • Use 4 droppers of Blood Support™ three times a day until bottle is used up.

  • The herbs in this tincture are very bitter and spicy. For most people, the tincture needs to be mixed with one to ounces of juice (apple or pear juice work nicely) and shot like liquor to get it down. Also, taking a swig of juice after the shot can help cleanse the palate. Do not use thick juices that coat the mouth, as they make the taste of the tinctures linger.  Diluting the tincture doesn’t work either. It merely extends the amount of bad tasting liquid you need to drink.

  • You can eliminate most of the alcohol in tinctures by adding the tincture dose to some warm water. As the water cools, most of the alcohol will evaporate.

  • The tincture is not necessarily more effective on an empty stomach, but absorption into the bloodstream will be much faster if taken without food.

  • The periodical blood cleanse can also be done when a cold or flu is coming on, or when fighting any infection in the body.

  • Jon Barron recommends, “a minimum of two bottles a year–one every six months–should be considered a core part of your personal health program.”


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