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  • 7/5/2012
    A recent study, conducted at Taipei Veterans Hospital in Taiwan, discovered a strong association between the weather and milder migraines, which may not be a factor that many people consider when they think about what might have been their trigger.
  • 7/3/2012
    If you've ever spent time around elderly people, you might have noticed a certain smell.  You are not imagining that smell. New research actually confirms the strange fact that senior citizens of a certain age have a different smell.
  • 6/30/2012
    New research that took place at the Mid America Heart Institute of St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, found that those who work out in smaller, less strenuous doses may actually have stronger, healthier hearts than their counterparts who go all out participating in endurance athletics.
  • 6/28/2012
    In addition to being out of synch with most of humanity, night workers have higher rates of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, fractures, insomnia, obesity, gastrointestinal problems, ulcers, depression, and other conditions. Studies consistently affirm the link between working all night and developing cancer, particularly breast cancer.
  • spray tan safety
    Research is now showing that spray tanning may be just as dangerous as every other form of tanning, but for different reasons. The problems stem from the active ingredient used in these tanning products, a chemical called dihydroxyacetone.
  • 6/23/2012
    A new study has found your chances of biting the dust spike by 14 percent on your birthday. The truth is, nobody knows why death rates soar on birthdays. Nor is there any explanation as to why death by assault more than doubles on Tuesdays while death by car crash halves on that same day, or why suicides spike on Mondays.
  • 6/21/2012
    Recently, according to the World Health Organization, strains of gonorrhea have appeared that are resistant to all of the antibiotics typically used to treat this disease. This is a potential medical catastrophe, considering that more than 106 million people become infected with this sexually transmitted disease globally each year.
  • 6/19/2012
     A recent study found that country kids have a far lower incidence of food allergies than their counterparts in big cities do. The researchers found that a whopping 9.8 percent of children living in urban centers have some kind of food allergy, while 6.2 percent of those living in rural areas do.
  • shrimp with tumors
    Seriously deformed fish and crustaceans are regularly being found in the Gulf of Mexico, where the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill took place two years ago.In fact, it has gotten so bad that parts of the coast have now been closed to shrimping entirely.
  • 6/14/2012
    A consortium called the Leapfrog Group has just completed a study of 2,651 hospitals across the US, assigning letter grades (A, B, C, D) to each based on 26 categories of performance. By accessing the report issued by the group, you can both view the letter grade your local hospital earned as well as check its safety record in specific areas.
  • 6/12/2012
    Whether or not you consider money to be personally important, we all recognize that money is necessary for our basic needs and survival. But how much we require to satisfy our desires and ensure our happiness is subjective to each individual. Or is it?
  • 6/9/2012
    New York City Mayor Bloomberg wants to pass regulations to limit the size of sodas and other sugar-laden drinks sold in public places. The proposed ban would restrict such drinks to a 16-ounce maximum, whether cup or bottle.
  • 6/7/2012
    A number of snack foods are now looking to jump on the gluten free bandwagon -- clearly labeling and advertising their junk food treats as "gluten-free" to attract the masses of consumers who are trying to cut out gluten for health or weight loss purposes.
  • accupuncture and copd results
    A recent randomized control trial found that weekly acupuncture treatments on patients with COPD made a major improvement in their breathing ability vs both medication alone and placebo acupuncture treatment.
  • 6/2/2012
    According to a study published in the European Heart Journal, researchers from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have successfully grown new, healthy heart tissue using the skin of elderly heart-failure patients.
  • 5/31/2012
    New research from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston found that the type of fats we consume influences our memory and other brain functions. The volunteers who most frequently ate "bad" fats consistently displayed lower scores on their memory and brain function testing during the experiment period.
  • 5/29/2012
    A recent study at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that steady consumption of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) can lead to a decrease in mental acuity, particularly in the capability to learn new information and correctly store it.
  • 5/26/2012
    New research shows that obesity may be among the most important of variables when it comes to complications during pregnancy -- including a greater risk of getting a C-section, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia.
  • 5/24/2012
    The state of California passed a law in 2007 that placed restrictions on the type of food sold in vending machines and as cafeteria extras in the schools. A recent study found that, as a result, California high schoolers have an overall caloric intake that is almost 800 calories a week less, on average, than the typical teenager in other states
  • red wine and digestive probiotics
    In a recent study, in addition to increasing probiotics in the gut by drinking red wine, subjects reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure by a significant margin. They also reduced total cholesterol, HDL, and C-reactive protein (a marker for inflammation present in the blood).
  • 5/19/2012
    It's common for musicians to hail from musical families. The clan of Johann Sebastian Bach, for instance, was full of musicians, with five of his own children considered important composers and 45 other relatives achieving some mark in the musical world.1 (The same might be true of baseball.
  • 5/17/2012
    Whooping cough, otherwise known as pertussis, has reached epidemic proportions in Washington (state). There have been more than 1,100 cases recorded between January and early May.
  • 5/15/2012
    By wearing away your tooth enamel over time (and we're not talking about sugar here), a new study suggests that sports and energy drinks may increase your risk of developing cavities and other dental problems.
  • rising health care costs
    The U.S. spends an average of $8,000 annually, per capita, on medical care, compared to $5,000 per capita in runner-up nations Norway and Switzerland. At the bottom of the list, Japan and New Zealand spend a mere fraction of what the U.S. does -- a full two-thirds less. And by most measures of health care, the U.S. ranks below all of them.
  • 5/10/2012
    According to recent research, night-shift workers, especially those in the transportation, warehouse, and health care industries, are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis and are impacting the safety of everyone around them.