Baseline Nutritionals ® And Nutribody Protein ™ Announces Partnership With Kelly Benefit Strategies Pro Cycle Team (New Line) Natural Health Supplement Company Continues 2009 Sponsorship Of Kbs Program

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Minneapolis, Min., March 16, 2009 – Baseline Nutritionals ®, the producer of premium organic and all-natural health supplements and Perfected Nutrients, the supplier of optimized veganNutribody Protein powder , today announced its continued sponsorship of the Kelly Benefit Strategies pro cycling team throughout the upcoming 2009 race season.

“Professional cycling is a perfect fit for what we’re trying to do as a natural health company,” says Bridget McQueen, VP of Marketing. “We’re working hard at educating consumers about new ideas in holistic, all natural health programs and the need to think of their bodies and overall health as a whole. Cyclists are arguably the fittest, most diet-aware and health conscious professional athletes in the world and the best resource for us to test and prove the efficacy of our natural health products.” As part of the agreement, Baseline Nutritionals® will make its line of all-natural, organic and herbal products available to athletes from the KBS program as well as to consult as needed on dietary health. The team will also receive monthly supplies of Nutribody Protein, one of the only non-dairy, non-soy athletic performance optimized proteins on the market. KBS athletes will in turn provide feedback on how the products improve athletic performance and play a part in shaping the development of many of the company’s future products, as they did with Nutribody Protein .

“We’re thrilled to continue our growing relationship with Baseline Nutritionals®,” says Charles Aaron, managing director, Circuit Global Sport Management and owner of the Kelly Benefit Strategies program. “They’re a terrific partner that has the health and overall well being of our athletes as their number one priority.”

The continuation of Baseline’s partnership fits well with the KBS program’s overall sponsor portfolio headed by Kelly Benefit Strategies, the Maryland-based group insurance consultant and broker, whose mission is to help companies lower their health care costs by promoting overall employee wellness. It has also been a rare relationship with the team, as most of the cyclists heavily rely on the natural health products to achieve their athletic performance goals.

ldquo;Baseline Nutritionals® products and Nutribody Protein are proving to be great system for our athletes,” says Ken Mills, performance manager, Kelly Benefit Strategies. “In an ultra-competitive sport like cycling, staying lean while building muscle mass due to proper supplementation is a big factor in performance – and ultimately winning. We’re seeing a big benefit from Baseline’s line of natural health products.”

Even though the the KBS cycle team is using Baseline Nutritionals® and Nutribody Protein Powder as key products to enhance performance, the health products are only part of the entire health program. The key to the change in performance has been the adoption of Jon Barron and Baseline of Health® Foundation’s Athletic Performance and Strength Training Program.

The core of the athletic program derives from Jon Barron’s natural health program in his latest bookLessons From The Miracle Doctors and includes a variety of natural health suggestions.

Jon Barron’s first and major suggestion for improving athletic performance is proper nutrients. He has recommended that the team take in enough appropriate nutrients for energy during and after a workout or race, and that their diet include a rich amount of antioxidants, phytonutrients, amino acids, and healthy fats rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Using whole, naturally occurring vitamins and minerals (not isolates), they should also make sure to get enough minerals, especially Magnesium and vitamin A, B6, B12, B3, C, D, and E for proper carbohydrate, protein, amino acid metabolism and muscle growth.

Secondly, it’s essential for athletes to drink at least 8-12 glasses of PURE water per day. A good filter should remove organic toxins and chlorine, heavy metals and fluoride, and pathogens such as Cryptosporidium. Steam distillers are also good, but make sure they incorporate a charcoal filter to prevent volatile toxins from re-condensing in your water and re-mineralize the water before you drink it. As for bottle water, remember that bottled doesn’t always mean “pure.”

Suggested formulas to look for to enhance your fitness program:

Superfoods & Low-Glycemic Body Fuel – used by both dieters and top athletes, a mix of Aktivated barley, stabilized rice bran, sugar management herbs, and unprocessed whole guarana, can stabilize energy and satiate the body for hours. For more information on the importance of these ingredients please review: The Shake of the Gladiators. For an extra protein kick, look for formulas that use ahypoallergenic and bio-available protein source to reduce gastrointestinal distress. The standard sources most athletes use don’t necessarily fit the bill. Meat is not tremendously bio-available. Steak, for example, is only 22% protein, 15% of which is usable by the body. Whey, egg, and soy, on the other hand, are far more useable, but are also all highly allergenic. Keep in mind that even a low level allergic response (one that you may not even consciously notice) can degrade athletic performance. That does leave things like rice and pea protein, spirulina, and chlorella, which all place just under egg and whey when it comes to bio-availability – but are all hypoallergic, making any or all of them a great choice for both athletes and dieters.

Trace Minerals – a complete source of liquid trace minerals to sustain your body and to alkalinize it will counter the build up of lactic acid in your muscles. A formula like this will also include a water optimizing agent that improves the ability of liquids in your body to transport nutrients into cells and push cellular waste out – most needed by all athletes or those new to an exercise program.

Proteolytic Enzymes – designed to reduce systemic inflammation and improve blood flow, these turn out to be the ultimate athletic performance and training enhancers. Proteolytic enzymes will increase energy, enhance endurance, and accelerate recovery time.

Antioxidants – athletes will want to find a full-spectrum free radical scrubber that quickly repairs the oxidative stress on your body caused by intense physical activity or high intensity workouts.

Hormonal balancers – without testosterone, you can’t build muscle or strength therefore, it is essential that athletes use a formula that will free up the natural testosterone bound in your body, once again making it available for maximizing strength, enhancing your zest for life and augmenting performance.

The Baseline of Health® Athletic Performance Program is just one of the many free health programs available at the foundation online to help consumers gain energy and avoid illness. Other alternative health programs include their Anti-Aging ProgramDetoxing ProgramDiabetes ProgramHealth Health Program, and Weight Loss Program. All information and step-by-step instructions is available for free at

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About Kelly Benefit Strategies (
Kelly Benefit Strategies is a group insurance broker and consultant that specialize in healthcare, and is a division of Kelly & Associates Insurance Group, Inc, headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland. KBS serves thousands of employers ranging in size from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and is committed to bringing its customers affordable group benefits through innovative benefit design, management, and administration.

About Baseline Nutritionals® (
Baseline Nutritionals® is a world leader in cutting-edge, pharmaceutical-grade organic nutraceuticals and herbal formulas. From detoxing to superfood products, they are sold in over 30 countries. All products are designed and formulated by Jon Barron, the Founder and Director of the Baseline of Health® Foundation.

About Perfected Nutrients and Nutribody Protein ™ (
Nutribody Protein, a vegan high protein meal replacement, was designed by Jon Barron at Perfected Nutrients. It’s blend of brown rice and pea proteins provide a sweet taste with no preservatives, additives, cholesterol, sugar, dairy, whey, or anything artificial. Through feedback from the KBS cycle team, Nutribody was created to avoid protein supplement side-effects such as bloating, gas, indigestion, aminoacidemia, or intestinal toxemia.

About Circuit Global Sports Management (
Minneapolis-based CGSM facilitates strategic alliances between corporate partners and professional cycling initiatives. Previous high-profile clients include Cadillac, Red Bull, Panasonic, DKNY, Dollar Rent a Car, Jeep, Timberland, and the State of Minnesota.

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