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Year End Misc 2003

First, I need to correct an omission from the last issue. Somehow we dropped a citation. It’s important to give credit where credit is due, so let’s fix that now. The information concerning the ability of proteolytic enzymes to kill viruses (including a number of strains of flu virus) came from Therapeutic Use of Enzymes by Jennifer Hammer, M.S., CCN, CSCS*D and Stan Bynum, Ph.D.

Proteolytic Enzymes

And speaking of Proteolytic Enzymes, a number of interesting testimonials and questions have come in since Baseline Nutritionals® released the formula four weeks ago. Three of the most interesting are:

  • Several people have written in to say that they are sleeping much better since starting on the proteolytics, but can’t understand why that should happen. Actually, the answer is quite simple. As it turns out, most people live with low levels of chronic pain and tension — backache, shoulder tension, stiff neck, etc. I’m talking about low level pain that exists pretty much below your conscious threshold. And because it is so low level, you’re really not aware of it. But because it does indeed exist, it prevents you from sleeping deeply. It keeps your sleep at a surface level, and very restless. The net result is that you wake up every morning feeling exhausted. By taking the Proteolytic Enzymes before bed, you help reduce pain and inflammation throughout your entire body. The net result is you sleep more deeply and wake up more refreshed and energized. A nice benefit. Of course, the same is true of more severe pain, but those people are aware of how much the proteolytics have helped relieve their pain and why they’re sleeping better, so they’re not having to ask why.
  • A number of people have written in to ask if taking Proteolytic Enzymes will help prevent blood clots from forming in their legs when taking long distance airline flights. And the answer is absolutely yes. For those of you not aware of the issue, The World Health Organization, after an exhaustive review in March 2001, stated, “a link probably exists between air travel and venous thrombosis.” Travelers’ thrombosis, as it is also called, can occur in long-haul travelers because their legs are too low, too inactive, and the blood flow is too slow. When seated, the veins are cramped at the knees and pelvis and the backs of the knees are usually pressed against the seat. In a worse case scenario, a blood clot forms in the deep veins of the leg and moves through the venous system to the lungs causing serious, acute heart and lung disease (pulmonary embolism) and possible death. Symptoms of leg thrombosis (e.g., calf pain) typically occur 2-3 days after a long journey, but may occur as long as several weeks later. And airline passengers are not the only one’s at risk. This condition can also occur in anyone who participates in any form of long distance travel (2 hours or longer) such as buses or automobiles.

The bottom line is that taking some Proteolytic Enzymes before, during, and after your trip is likely to be one of the best forms of insurance you can take to prevent “travelers’ thrombosis” when doing any long distance travel. All of the enzymes in the formula will help relieve the problem, but the nattokinase is an absolute specific for dissolving blood clots.


  • And lastly, what regimen do I follow when using enzymes? Well, here it is.
    • Digestive Enzymes. I take 1 to 4 capsules (depending upon the size of the meal) with every meal.
    • Proteolytic Enzymes. I began with a “60-Day Detox Program,” starting with 1 capsule three times a day and building up to 4 capsules three times a day (all on an empty stomach) morning, noon, and night. After the “60-Day Detox Program” was finished, I switched to 3 capsules every night before bed. I will repeat a “30-Day Detox Program” once a year.

So let me end this year-end issue of the newsletter by seconding Kristen’s invitation to join us in our annual group detox. We learned last year that doing it as part of a group is very helpful for many people. There truly is strength in numbers, and that strength is significantly amplified by making your commitment public. If you’ve never done a liver detox before, now’s your chance.

And on that note, let me wish you and yours a joyous holiday and good health and long life. We’ll see you next year.

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