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What about Microwave Cooking?


I’m frequently asked about microwave cooking and if the “radiation” from the microwave is dangerous. Actually, the problems with microwave cooking have nothing to do with radiation. There is no radiation used in microwave ovens. Nevertheless, the problem with microwaved food is similar to the problem with irradiated food. Although the actual processes are different, the results are similar—they are disruptive to the fundamental structure of the food itself. Microwave ovens cook by creating friction in molecules causing them to spin rapidly first in one direction then another, switching directions millions of times a second. The friction caused by all this molecular agitation heats the food, but it also changes the food. With what result?

  • Consumption of microwaved food appears to cause hemoglobin levels to drop.
  • It causes white cell counts to drop thereby damaging your immune system.
  • Cholesterol levels rise markedly after consuming microwaved vegetables.
  • It destroys important phytochemicals. One study, for example, has shown that microwaved broccoli lost 97 percent of its flavonoids, 74 percent of its sinapic acid, and 87 percent of its caffeoyl-quinic derivatives. These are all known cancer protectors. By comparison, steamed broccoli loses 11 percent, 0 percent and 8 percent of the same antioxidants.

For more information, check out this article by Anthony Wayne and Lawrence Newell.

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