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Unrefined, Minimally Processed, Non-Iodized Sea Salt

Refined Salt Versus Sea Salt

Question: Should I be iodized or non-iodized sea salt?

When buying sea salt, do I need to buy the iodized or non-iodized kind?


For a full discussion on sea salt, check out my article, A Pillar of Salt. But for a specific answer to your question on iodized salt, the answer is to buy unrefined, minimally processed, non-iodized sea salt. A good quality sea salt like Celtic Sea Salt will actually contain more natural iodine per gram (approximately 150 mcg, 2/3 of your body’s daily requirement) than iodized table salt (approximately 50-80 mcg). For more on iodine and salt, check out Iodine: Getting it Right.

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