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Transplants and Building The Immune System



Hi, I love your products and educational materials. My father is 74 and had a kidney transplant about 2 years ago. He takes medication to supress his immune system. How does taking immune boosting products affect him? Is this advisable?


Immune boosting supplements would be contraindicated.

Unfortunately, one of the results of many medical procedures is that they are “subtractive.” That is, if you opt for them, they “subtract out” other options. If you have had a transplant, for example, and are on immunosuppressant drugs, your doctor now controls your supplement agenda. You must check with your doctor before you take anything since supplements that would normally be beneficial might now be harmful.

Natural healing options, on the other hand, tend to be additive. You can use changes in diet, in addition to neutraceuticals, in addition to herbal supplements, etc. If used intelligently, the use of one does not obviate the use of the other — but in fact reinforces it.

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