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Question: How To Naturally Cure Spinal Stenosis?

What can you tell me about Spinal Stenosis?  Are there any natural remedies?


Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spine, either in the center of the spine, in the canals where the nerves branch out, or in the spaces between the vertebrae. This narrowing puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerves and can cause pain. It is not uncommon in men and women over 50. Surgery is the standard medical solution.

Unfortunately, regular surgery is not likely to be helpful and has a number of possible complications. However, there is a newer outpatient procedure using lasers that seems to offer a much better alternative. It’s called a foraminotomy. It uses a local anesthetic, and in many cases provides instant relief. In fact, you’re encouraged to take a long walk a couple of hours after your treatment.

But keep in mind, even though it may be a better option than regular surgery, foraminotomy is still invasive surgery and carries risks.

Another possibility that might provide some short term relief is cetyl-myristoleate (available in health food stores everywhere). Give it a couple of weeks. But even if it helps short term, eventually the symptoms will reappear because you haven’t removed the actual cause (the narrowing of the spine). But, then again, that reappearance might be several years down the road.

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