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Mundane Miracles

Invariably, once people are exposed to the Baseline of Health® program, they begin to notice that each formula seems to produce multiple “miracles.” For example, within days of being released, we were already getting reports that our brain tonic formula seemed to dramatically relieve everything from asthma to schizophrenia to hangovers — not to mention the improved mental clarity that it was designed for. How can this be? Is this imagination run wild?

Not at all. The key is that most of the formulas in the Baseline of Health® program are actually mini “Baselines of Health” in and of themselves. By that, I mean that since we use whole herbs and whole nutritional complexes in our formulas, we get the benefit of the entire package — not just the targeted benefit we designed the formula for. Since I’ve already mentioned our brain tonic formula, let’s stick with that for a moment (although the same holds true for all of the Baseline of Health® formulas).

One of the ingredients in the brain tonic is periwinkle. We used periwinkle because it contains vinpocetine, a proven brain enhancer. But above and beyond vinpocetine, periwinkle contains a motherlode of useful phytochemicals (70 in all at last count). Some, such as catharanthine, leurosine sulphate, lochnerine, tetrahydroalstonine, vindoline and vindolinine lower blood sugar levels (thus easing the symptoms of diabetes). Others such as reserpine and serpentine are powerful tranquilizers. Still other alkaloids present in periwinkle lower blood pressure; and others act as hemostatics (arrest bleeding). And two others, vincristine and vinblastine, have anticancer properties. (In fact, there are probably at least six alkaloids in periwinkle with anti-cancer properties. Note: some of the alkaloids in periwinkle can have powerful side effects in their isolated form. That’s why we use the whole herb, and it’s why we use a controlled amount of periwinkle in the brain tonic — to avoid the possibility of side effects.)

For the moment though, let’s continue to look at some of the anti-cancer properties inherent in the brain tonic.

In addition to periwinkle, the brain tonic also contains rosemary leaf. Research has shown that rosemary extracts inhibit the initiation of carcinogenesis. The phytochemicals in rosemary act by stimulating enzymes in the body that are capable of neutralizing the activity of carcinogenic substances. These substances are then no longer able to attack cell DNA, which is the primary target in the cancer process.

The brain tonic also contains d-limonene (a terpene), which has been proven in several studies to have powerful anti-cancer properties. For example, Researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that when d-limonene was added to the diets of rats who had developed tumors, the tumors disappeared completely in some 90% of them. In a related study, animals that were given d-limonene one hour before being exposed to known carcinogens, were protected from the effects of the carcinogens at a highly significant rate. In human trials, limonene has been used with great effect in England as a monotherapy for individuals with pancreatic and large intestine cancer.

So, does this mean that I recommend using brain tonic to self-medicate for cancer? No, absolutely not. The formula wasn’t designed as a cancer treatment; the proportions of the ingredients weren’t optimized for that benefit; and cancer is ultimately a systemic problem anyway, not amenable to a magic bullet approach.

On the other hand, will I be surprised if we hear testimonials down the road telling us how someone with cancer (or diabetes or MS or asthma or whatever) experienced some dramatic benefits by using the brain tonic — or men’s testosterone formula or carnosine formula or any of the other Baseline formulas?

Not at all. It’s merely the expected result of treating the body as a whole and using high-quality natural substances in their unrefined form. In the end, what you have is a fairly mundane explanation for consistently miraculous results.

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