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Magnetizing Water, Pacemaker Concerns


heavy_metals.JPG I have a pacemaker and read that it was not safe for me to use magnets to alter my water, is this true or is there a strength that is okay for me to use.



On the website for magnets I read that I should not use them if I have a pacemaker. I do have one. So I cannot magnetize my water? Or what strength is safe for me?


The problem is with the magnets themselves, not the water. The water does NOT pick up a magnetic charge. It is restructured by exposure to a magnetic field. It’s pH is changed. It is moved to a higher energy state. But it is not magnetized. It will not affect your pacemaker.

Bottom line: If you have a pacemaker, you do not want to get near a high gauss magnet, which can affect the pacemaker. But drinking water that has been exposed to a magnetic field is a non issue. If you have not already done so, check out the following newsletters:

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