Posture and Back Pain

Research suggests that the traditional upright position with the back at a 90-degree position in relation to the legs, most...
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Pros and Cons of 5-HTP

5-HTP (short for hydroxyl L-tryptophan) is a chemical that the body produces as it processes the amino acid tryptophan in...
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PTSD and Blueberries

Most of us think of PTSD as an extreme condition affecting soldiers and those exposed to dramatic violence, and is...
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Sick from Bed

Most mattresses these days are made from a toxic stew of components and then treated with toxic flame-retardant chemicals and...
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How To Detox Heavy Metals From Body

Learn More: We get heavy metals from coal-burning plants, food, water, dental fillings, and more. When they accumulate over...
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And the Blind Shall See

One of the most extraordinary advances of medicine in the past few years has been the development of real-life visors...
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Roundup Follies

Of the 32 glyphosate (Roundup) studies evaluated by the EPA in declaring it safe, 27 were paid for by industry,...
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Why & How To Do A Colon Detox

Learn More: The road to health begins with intestinal cleansing and detoxification — no matter what the disease or...
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