Year: 2014

Aromatherapy Untapped

There's a lot more potential for aromatherapy than most of us realize, and that potential has barely been tapped according...
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Coffee for Your Liver

Individuals who consume at least three cups of coffee daily tend to have lower levels of abnormal liver enzymes that...
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Bitter by Nature

A new study has found that a dislike of bitter tasting food and alcohol may be due to a gene...
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Pharmaceutical Payouts

In the five-month period from August through December of last year alone, pharmaceutical companies paid at least $3.5 billion to...
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Hospital Food

In a recent MedPage Today blog, Dr. Rajasree Pai bemoans the miserable food served in hospital cafeterias, and the even...
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Brain Injuries and Dementia

Head injuries sustained while playing certain sports--not just football--have strongly been linked with an increased risk of developing dementia.
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Q and A with Jon Barron

We receive thousands of questions every month at The Baseline of Health® Foundation, not to mention the numerous questions received...
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New Lucid Dreaming Research

Staying fully conscious while dreaming, otherwise known as "lucid dreaming," is actually a more common experience than popular wisdom would...
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