Q and A with Jon Barron

We receive thousands of questions every month at The Baseline of Health® Foundation, not to mention the numerous questions received...
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Better Vision as We Age

Two surveys of senior citizens across the United States discovered that, in less than a 30-year period, the reported instances...
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Frankenstein Foods, Inc.

Synagriculture involves creating vegetables, fruits, grains, and other edibles from the beginning, either using synthesized genetic parts or by rearranging natural...
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Dangers at the Beach

The Environmental Protection Agency says that more than 3.5 million people in the US get sick every year after coming...
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Weather-Related Migraines

A recent study, conducted at Taipei Veterans Hospital in Taiwan, discovered a strong association between the weather and milder migraines,...
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Old Person Smell

If you've ever spent time around elderly people, you might have noticed a certain smell.  You are not imagining that smell....
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An Overdose of Exercise

New research that took place at the Mid America Heart Institute of St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, found...
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Spray Tan Dangers

Research is now showing that spray tanning may be just as dangerous as every other form of tanning, but for...
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The Superbug STD

Recently, according to the World Health Organization, strains of gonorrhea have appeared that are resistant to all of the antibiotics...
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Aspirin Déjà vu

According to a study just published in the journal CANCER, aspirin and the other commonly used NSAIDS may help protect...
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