Dangers In The Bathroom

Few things evoke revulsion and complaint the way dirty public restrooms do. Even sparkling clean public restrooms make many of...
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Genetically Modified Cows

According to new reports genetically modified cows were developed to perk up the biblical version by producing milk that's free of allergens,...
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Bullies on TV

A recent study has found that 92 percent of television episodes on television programming contain instances of “social aggression” suh as social...
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Retained Surgical Objects

Each year, about 4,000 "retained surgical objects" (RSOs) are found inside US patients who have previously undergone surgery. These include soft...
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Noise Undermines Health

A new study from Denmark has found that high amounts of traffic noise exposure can have adverse effects on cardiovascular...
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Bionic Brains?

An article in the Journal of Neural Engineering reveals that scientists have developed a new type of chip that does,...
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Mites and Rosacea

New research has shown that Demodex Mite infestation is the leading cause of rosacea, and that rosacea treatments should target...
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