Giving is Good For You

Ebenezer Scrooge may have been right. New studies show that "giving" may help you live longer. Or to quote Jacob...
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Manly Men Eat Meat?

According to recent research, the consumption of meat is an important part of our cultural idea of what it means...
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Help for Chronic Sleepiness

Many people are affected by chronic sleepiness and until now, nothing has been particularly helpful. New drug research has concluded...
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Fear of Dentists

According to new research, parents transmit their anxiety levels and fear over dentist visits to their children, unwittingly passing down...
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Social prejudice against overweight people is so ubiquitous that it might appear to be something built into our DNA, but...
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Fish Farming

The bottom line is that since fish farming, despite its major problems, is here to stay, we need to make...
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