Health Care Cost Hikes

Health care costs for people 64 and younger buying their own health insurance increased by an average of 20 percent.
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Kidney Detox Testimonials

The following testimonial is from an individual stating what results THEY have experienced. We are not making any medical claims...
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Heavy Metals in Supplements?

A Congressional investigation showed that nearly all of the herbal supplements tested contained trace amounts of heavy metals and pesticides....
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Pollen Deepens Depression

People with mood disorders experience worse depression in the presence of allergies. Learn more about allergy season and dietary supplements...
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AIDS Immunity Secret

Apparently, one out of every 200 people or so who get infected with HIV never comes down with AIDS. Learn...
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Exercising in Nature

Five minutes of exercise in a natural setting--like walking in a park or gardening in your backyard--benefits mental health as...
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Chocoholic Lament

While it’s clear that chocolate triggers the brain to release feel-good chemicals, the study found that chocolate may not really...
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