Breakfast for Champions

Breakfast is the most misunderstood meal of the day. For a balanced, healthy, sustaining breakfast, it is not as simple...
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High Heels Damage Legs

A study from Manchester Metropolitan University in the U.K., showed that wearing high heels really does a number on the...
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Pertussis is Back

Pennsylvania's Department of Health just issued a health warning of unusually high levels of pertussis, and California has reported an...
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Killer Calcium?

Researchers have concluded that calcium supplementation is associated with a 20-30 percent increase in the risk of heart attacks.
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The Impact of a Name

One out of five parents regret the names they gave their children, especially if those names had odd or unusual...
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Natural Health Newsletters

Find natural health articles and in-depth research of clinical studies in the alternative health industry through eight years of archived...
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The Stink about Zinc

The use of certain cold medicines containing zinc can lead to hyposmia (reduced ability to smell) and anosmia (the loss...
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