Year: 2007

Chimpanzee Medicine

Researchers in Uganda are trying to learn something new about healing by studying what chimpanzees eat when ill.
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Beef and Cancer, Again

Upon learning the results of a new, large-scale study sponsored by the National Cancer Institute showing that eating beef and...
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Flu Shots and Children

Health council members in New Jersey passed a resolution requiring that all children over the age of six months who...
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The Stevia Shibboleth

As long as government regulators in the US, Europe, and Canada approve aspartame, sucralose, and high fructose corn syrup as...
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Blood of My Ancestors

In this issue of the newsletter, we wrap up our series on the cardiovascular system as we explore blood types...
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Olive Oil under Attack

In a recent Reader's Digest article, Dr. Dean Ornish expressed a number of concerns about olive oil - questioning its...
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